With VisitAR, all monuments or museum exhibits can come to life and even talk – literally talk – to the visitor. And each visitor can enjoy unique experiences such as games, holograms or family activities, with the help of a tablet and Augmented Reality.
A turnkey solution with a volume of readymade experiences that allows museums and monuments to enliven their exhibits with immediate impact.


Have you ever visited a home that doesnt exist yet or that is 6000 km away?
With ARchitect that’s exactly what we propose to do: to visit the inside and outside of a house, explore the yards and poolside of your future home, all of this before it has even been built.
Ideal for real estate promoters that want to add impact to the presentation of their homes or need to present their projects to customers that are quite far away.

4D Paper

Have you ever imagined how a product would look in a certain space, but you’re not really sure? Now you don’t need to image, 4D Paper guarantees that anyone can see your products in any space, using a smartphone or tablet.
All - really - of your catalogue products can have a preview with 4D Paper – independently from their actual size, our 3D and Augmented Reality experts will help you create the best immersive experience for your brand!
All companies that sell industrial equipment, furniture, décor and many other types catalogue merchandise, can benefit directly from using 4D Paper.

Microsoft Hololens Apps

The Mixed Reality smartglasses combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to increase productivity and reduce costs in several processes such as:
- Product and brand communication
- Equipment installation and inspection on the field
- Working with teams on remote locations
- Scenario simulation
- Training new technical skills

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